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What is Rocktape?
Rocktape is a revolutionary new type of kinesiology taping product used to treat injuries and improve sports performance.  While kinesiology tape is more often associated with sports injuries, it can be used to treat a wide variety of problems. 

How does Rocktape work?

Rocktape technology is unlike other kinesiology tapes out there. When applied it lifts the skin from the soft tissue underneath, which allows more blood to flow into the injured area and accelerates healing and recovery.                     

What are the benefits of Rocktape?

1. It turns down the volume on pain.

2. It decompresses and area of swelling and inflammation.

3. It delays fatigue.

4. It normalizes muscle tone.

5.It spreads the physical stress. 

What can Rocktape be used for?

Rocktape can be used for a variety of problems including but not limited to: 

1. Lower back issues

2. Upper back issues

3. Neck issues

2. Postural Correction 

3. Groin/Hamstring pulls

4. Rotator cuff

5. Tennis and Golf elbow 

6. Pain associated with pregnancy 

7. ACL/MCL Issues

8. Jumpers Knee

9. Plantar Faciitis

10. Achilles Tendonitis       

All doctor's at Atlantic Chiropractic have experience using Rocktape. At our practice Dr.Riddle is FMT Level 1 certified.