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What is Intelliskin?

IntelliSkin is a human technology company that designs smart compression apparel that has been clinically proven to improve posture and alignment. The patented PostureCue™ technology works with your body to create posture awareness.  

Intelliskin offers a variety of women and men shirt styles, with different functions and benefits. 


How does Intelliskin work?

Intelliskin posture apparel is designed to improve postural awareness and stimulate muscle memory.


What benefits are there to using Intelliskin?

1. Support proper spinal alignment

2. Stimulate and tone your muscles

3. Reduce likelihood of back or neck pain

4. Reduce risks associated with poor posture       and repetitive movement patterns. 

5. Improve respiration and oxygen flow to the brain and muslces

6.  Improved endurance rapid recovery

7. Make you feel more confident. 

If interested on what the product looks like stop by Atlantic Chiropractic and check out or selection of sample shirts.